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    United Atelier

    As a studio entity of United Design Group, United Atelier has abandoned the functionalist architecture.

    The studio was found in 2008 with a  international team ,we focus on  public projects and urban design,Each project is an special  opportunity to analyze and refine ideas and principles, to test new theories and  new concepts; they are the challenges before construction.

    We work internationally.We think design never be one product. The principal challenge is to contribute an architectural entity of multivalent, layered and dynamic city. Instead of tasting  chaos or reduced to post-minimalist complexity but made to address and articulate more information in a more complex ways - to facilitate prompt referral despite the higher burden of each project; it is an opportunity to analyze and refine ideas and principles, to test theories before the challenge of construction.

    We work on several levels: the organization of all urban districts, through different scales of construction and interior furnishings. The challenge is to increase the capacity of spatial architecture and to articulate the complex processes of contemporary life with its many interlinking programs.

    United Atelier use digital technology such as parametric design,BIM design,3D printer--it's a very innovative and successful way to finish all the project from architecture design to furniture design and sculpture design.  From prototypes to realized .

    Our architecture is a generation of change. Far from the muted conceptual Universalists, we would like an architecture materialized, joyous and playful, driven by passion and freed from any moral aesthetics. Beyond the fascination with technology, the individual takes place at the center of the architecture. This is to create "situations" that induce an active behavior, to look beyond traditional creative fields of architecture and to participate in a new secession positions covering philosophical, political and parties.

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