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    Commercial Design is not merely some commercial real estates

    UDG intends to consolidate its commercial design resources via outstanding design, R&D and planning. With accumulating professional expertise, the designers themselves are their strongest backup in commercial design. A primary R&D structure is constructed via congregating Ph. D. and Master’s professionals to provide an efficient information and service support in design. At the same time, UDG absorbs local and international planning entities with rich experience in total commercial design. This is led by the seamless linkage in between production, R&D and planning, consolidated into a kind of formulaic 1+1+1 > 3 strength and transformed into a unified spirit of UDG.

    In long term practicing design and construction, UDG addresses the special development features of the commercial and urban complexes via systemizing and summarizing the special features of project design. With different key design features proposed, UDG also addresses various public building types pertaining to retailing, shopping mall, urban complex. A comprehensive design methodology and notion is formed when dealing with urban complex with commercial and residential design under one roof, design and planning of the large scale shopping mall as well as small scale commercial building pertaining to retailing. It is through refined design and total design control process to assure a quality built product.

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